Basketball School

Game description

Basketball shoot game with 3 game modes: arcade, time attack and distance king!The first mode is Arcade Mode. You have 10 balls at start – up. If you threw and missed, you lose a ball, if not, you will still have same balls count. At start you have 30 aim dots and it will be reduced as much, as your score grows.The second mode is Time Attack. Here you are not limited with balls, but with time instead. You throw the balls while time countdowns and get extra time after each goal. Game ends when time is out.The third mode is made for real snipers. First ball spawns with distance of 1 meter and if you goal it, you will go on next greater distance. Distance step depends on goal and its bonuses. If you miss the distance is shortened by 1 meter. Game overs if you reached 0 meters.Also there are bonuses: wide basket, extended aim, combo scores etc.
*mouse* – shoot ball